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1000 Years of 4-Hands Organ

Douglas Lawrence and Elizabeth Anderson

Organum quadruplum: Sederunt principes
Gradual for St. Stephens’s Day
Kyrie from the Organ Mass
A verse to play on one virginal or organ
A Fancy for two to play
Zwey Fugen für zwey Personen an einem Clavier
1 Preludio: Largo, Fuga: Allegro
2 Preludio: Largo, Fuga: Allegro non troppo
O Jesus Christ, mein lebens Licht (BWV 118)
Prelude and Fugue in D major for Organ four hands
Allegro from Eine kleine Nachtmusik
Epigraph No.6 to thank the morning for the rain
Anamnese (1981) for Organ four-hands and Pedal
Variations on an Easter theme ( Et filii et filiae)

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