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Elizabeth Turner

presents six new lessons for the harpsichord
a parlour concert

Elizabeth Anderson, playing the role of Elizabeth Turner introduces and plays the new lessons

Elizabeth Turner was active in the London choral scene during the mid-eighteenth century. She had the six "Lessons", or suites for harpsichord printed at her own expense and they were sold at the Royal College of Physicians, where it seems likely that her husband was a member.

The movements are in succinct Galant style. The first movements, all marked Allegro employ an early sonata form similar to those of Scarlatti, which were widely published in England at this time. Like the sonatas of Scarlatti, Turnerís allegros are incandescent with musical ideas. But Turnerís language is more modern, and her adventurous modulations allow for a more extensive development of ideas. Her harmonic language sometimes resembles that of Clementi, although Turnerís textures are clearly conceived for the harpsichord rather than for the piano. Following the first movements, Turner presents a kaleidoscope of dance movements, displaying a wealth of moods and styles, from sensitive, highly chromatic slow movements to entertaining, even humorous fast ones.

Lesson I
Allegro, Scotaza Moderato, Tambourine Allegro, Minuetto Allegro
Lesson III
(Allegro), Minuetto affettuoso, Giga, March
Lesson IV
(Allegro), Courante, Aria Tempo di Minuetto con gusto, (Giga)
Lesson V
(Allegro), Andante, Aria, Savoyard, Minuetto con gusto
Lesson VI
(Allegro), Minuetto with Variations Andante, Giga allegro
Lesson II
(Allegro), Andante Affettuoso, Gavotta un poí Allegro with 6 variations

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